WRISTRAC™ is accepted by most Major Insurance Companies, including Medicare. Contact your health care provider to see if you qualify to have WRISTRAC™ covered under your insurance policy.

Suggested Billing codes for the Medical Professional and/or Therapist




OFFICE VISIT ( NEW Pt. ) 99201-99205


97012 MECHANICAL stretch

97010 CRYOTHERAPY ( Wristrac™ may also be – used with a cold pack )

97018 Paraffin Hand Hot Wax Therapy

97112 Neuromuscular Reeducation of movement, – balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, – - posture, and proprioception, each 15 min.

97035 Ultrasound Therapy

97032 Interferential or TENS Therapy

Note: Patients will be seen on the initial evaluation. Follow up evaluations are to be determined by the treating physician. Wristrac™ can be sold to the patient or billed to their Insurance Company using the Code L 3906. The additional treatment above can be billed as adjunctive therapy for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

How do I get Insurance Reimbursement for Wristrac?

Health Insurance Companies, Medicare Reimbursement, Medicaid and State Worker’s Compensation Insurance programs may cover the cost for Wristrac.
Below you will find all the information and forms that you will need to facilitate a timely reimbursement from your insurer.

The procedure is to get a written prescription from your Doctor, Hand Therapist, Chiropractor, Physical / Occupational Therapist, Neurologist, Physiatrists, or other appropriate medical professional for a Hand Wrist Orthosisand submit three items:

  1. a copy of the written prescription from the medical professional
  2. a copy of the receipt for your purchase of the medical device prescribed, ie, Wristrac Hand Wrist Orthosis. The prescription generally serves as documentation of the medical professional’s formal diagnosis and professional opinion on the appropriate device to help your condition.
  3. The Claim Forms
    Standard Health Insurance Claim Form – CMS 1500 for private insurance, you simply fill out this claim form and submit it with a copy of your doctor’s prescription and a copy of the receipt to your insurance company.
    b- Medicare Insurance Claim Form CMS 1490 for Carpal Tunnel brace reimbursement directly to you for the cost of the Wristac devise and other medical devices and DME supplies based on your coverage. This is a special form designed only for direct reimbursement to the patient. You simply fill out this claim form and submit it with a copy of your doctor’s prescription and a copy of our receipt.
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