Patients can be treated 3-4 times per week for approximately 2-4 weeks with traditional Physical Therapy along with the Wristrac™ Stretch devise.

  1. Passive Modalities Include: Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation, Paraffin, Cyotherapy, and moist heat therapy .
  2. Active Treatment Includes: Wristrac™ (as per protocol)
    as well as Wrist extension exercises.
  3. Other Treatment Options include: Wrist cock-up splint (used in the evening), Vitamin Therapy and Cortisone injection therapy.


  1. In Acute trauma ( symptoms of recent onset ), Wristrac™ is to be used at 5 minute intervals, 4 times per day.
  2. In sub acute and chronic cases ( pain greater than 3-6 months ), Wristrac™ is to be used 2 times per day ( A.M. & P.M. ) at 5- 10 minute intervals.
  3. For preventative care, Wristrac™ can be utilized 1-3 times per week at 10 minute intervals.


The additional treatments listed below may used in conjunction with Wristrac™.

  • Vitamin B6 ( check with your physician )
  • Wrist/forearm extension exercised to strengthen the back of the forearm and wrist muscles
  • Daily desk stretches and range of motion exercises
  • Paraffin- hand hot wax therapy and Ice therapy
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