Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Searching for “non-surgical carpal tunnel treatment”? Wristrac is your answer.

You may have been searching the web for information about Non-Surgical Treatments for Carpal Tunnel or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

We have developed a product that eliminates the need for dangerous surgery and greatly reduces the costs for carpal tunnel treatment. Wristrac is a non-surgical carpal tunnel device that provides a powerful, but gentle stretch to the forearm and wrist for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as other wrist pain syndromes commonly associated with repetitive stress, cumulative trauma and injury from a wide variety of activities in everyday life.

Wristrac is convenient, safe and CTS patients report that it is covered by health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

Before symptoms become severe, carpal tunnel syndrome rarely requires surgery. Wristract is a highly effective non-surgical treatment that you can trust.

Clinically proven, Doctor recommended. Why have surgery 1st?

Get more information about Wristrac’s device on our Non-Surgial Carpal Tunnel Treatment FAQ’s

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