Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use Wristrac?
  • Do I have to sleep with Wristrac?
  • When will my symptoms go away?
  • Will my symptoms come back?
  • Can I use Wristrac if I have already had surgery?
  • Will Insurance reimburse me for the Wristac?

How do I use Wristrac?

Wristrac is quick and easy to use.  In just 5-10 minutes, 2-4 times per day for approximately 4-6 weeks! Just follow the our step by step instructions or watch our Video demonstration on how to properly use this devise.   Place link to instructions here

Do I have to sleep with Wristrac at night?

No, Wristrac is used 2-4 times per day for 5-10 minutes.  This is night a night splint / cock-up style splint that many doctors and therapist prescribe.  Wristrac is an active treatment devise the provides for improved circulation, improved nerve flow, and increased flexibility about the muscle & ligaments of the forearm.  It is safe, gentle and convenient!

When will my symptoms go away?

Results may vary from patient to patient. Some people may get complete relief of symptoms in several days and other may see relieve after several weeks of treatment. The research shows that the first symptom alleviated is nocturnal or nighttime pain causing a lack of sleep.  Patients started to sleep the whole night early in the treatment with less pain, numbness, and or tingling.  It is recommended that you continue using Wristrac for the whole treatment period of four to six weeks even if your symptoms have improved.

Will my symptoms come back?

The answer to that question may vary from patient to patient. We have had people who did the six-week treatment and never used Wristrac again, but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome itself is a condition that may come back as it is many times related to ones occupation or daily task that may have brought about the problem in the first place.  Some people cannot afford to vary their daily activity or work related tasks and as such Wristrac should be used on a ongoing basis to help control the symptoms and help to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.  Many people have reported that when the symptoms came back they used Wristrac 1-3 times in a single week and the symptoms once again disappeared.

What should I do if my symptoms come back?

If you notice a return in symptoms, simply begin using Wristrac once again at 1-3 times per week, or as necessary.  If your symptoms do not decrease consult your physician to determine the best course of action and to ensure that you in fact have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Why don’t I just have the surgery and get this over with?

As with any surgical procedure, surgery has its risks. Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery risks include, but are not limited to, infection, more pain, nerve injury, inability to work for a long period of time after surgery, etc. Talk to your physician about risks. People have been looking for alternative treatment to surgery for many years since surgery does not work for a high percentage of patients who have it. Some other patients get well for a short period of time only to find that the symptoms have returned and they have to have another surgery.
Wristrac has been shown to be extremely effective with mild to moderate CTS patients.

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