1. Wristrac™ is a portable unit that is easily applied to the forearm and wrist utilizing 2 Velcro straps to secure the unit to the forearm and a Velcro wrist strap to comfortably tighten and secure the wrist in the proper position. Note: Unit is place on the forearm Palm Side Up

2. The device is to be used for 2 minutes with the tension set at position #1 -Note: The unit is to be released by pulling up on the Quick Release Knob while at “0″ tension (make sure that you turn the tension to “0″ before you begin the treatment!!)

Note: Once the unit is released, the setting can then be increased one level at a time starting first at: level # 1 as noted above. Adjust the tension setting to tolerance. (Tolerance = a level that creates stretch to the wrist without producing any increase in the level of pain)

Once one has determined their level of tolerance, the unit can be worn for 5-10 minutes and repeated up to 4 times per day.

Note: Under No condition should treatment commence with the unit released at any tension setting greater than “0″ Once the Unit is released the tension can be increased One Level at a time till comfortable and steady stretch is applied to the wrist.

The tension setting can be increased 1 position per week up to a maximum position (Level #7)

3. After treatment is complete, loosen the Wrist Strap, then loosen the forearm straps and slide the unit off of the forearm and wrist.

4. Finally return the unit back to it’s locked position so that it is ready for use!

Warning: Treatment is Not to exceed 10 minutes per session. If you notice any discoloration and or numbness / tingling, STOP Treatment immediately and Readjust the Tension Setting to a Lower Level and also Readjust the Wrist & Forearm Straps.
If symptoms continue, contact your Doctor.

NOTE: DO NOT PULL “Release Knob” until Unit is placed on Patient’s arm.

This WILL damage the unit & VOID the warranty.

1. Before using, make sure the units TENSION SETTING is set at "0" and the unit is COMPRESSED to its "Locked" position (see STEP 6). Place WRISTRAC™ on forearm PALM side up as shown.

2. Secure the unit to forearm by tightening the 2 (two) Velcrostraps.

3. Make sure the strap is aligned at the wrist creases (where the hand meets the arm) NOTE: Tighten the straps to a "SNUG" comfortable fit. DO NOT over tighten as this may cause decreased circulation to the hand.

4. Make sure the units TENSION is set at "0" before engaging. To engage the unit, PULL the "RELEASE KNOB"

5. Increase tension by turning the "TENSION SETTING KNOB" to Level "1". Utilize WRISTRAC for 2(two) minutes before increasing the Tension Setting. Treatment is not to exceed 10 minutes per session. Tension settings may be increased 1 position per week to a maximum Tension Level of 7 (seven).

6. TO REMOVE UNIT Decrease the Tension setting to "0" before removing the unit. Then loosen the Velcro wrist and forearm straps, remove from your arm and return the unit to the locked position as shown so that it is ready for use.

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